Thursday, June 2, 2016


2 June 2016 - based on view of Sellwood Park, Portland, Oregon
7" x 10", gouache on cold press watercolor paper
I found an interesting discussion on the longevity of acrylic paints on James Gurney's Gurney Journey, a topic I briefly brought up a few posts ago; he also cites the Scientific American article (also summarizing it very nicely).

More interesting were comments by Mark Golden, co-founder of Golden Acrylics, who certainly has a stake in defending the medium :)  He asserted that controversy regarding acrylic paints is unwarranted and has recurred periodically since their inception.  His point was that conservation of acrylic paintings is different, not more difficult, than other mediums, and each medium has its own challenges.

In the meantime, in efforts to try and cut down some on my use of plastic (a hit-and-miss endeavor, for sure), I'm still interested in transitioning to other mediums.  I may do more with gouache, which I used largely before switching to acrylics some years ago.

I switched to acrylics because of gouache's fragility and its reactivation property, in my mind more a pain than an asset.

I'm still experimenting with water miscible oil paints but finding I'm not so fond of how poorly they thin and clean up.

I guess every paint medium has its pluses and minuses.  The same can be said about pretty much every arty product... and life in general :)

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