Cat-Approved Alphabet (2011)

I posted these in weekly installments from March through September 2011.  They're a sampling of how the namesake of this blog, our beloved cat, liked to spend his days.
"A" is for anchovies, especially fine on pizza.
"B" is for bed, the best place in the house to take a nap.
"C" is for cat, a small grey one.
"D" is for dish, preferably with something yummy to eat in it.
"E" is for elephant, unfortunate prey of our mighty hunter house cat - well, OK, it's just a stuffed, catnip elephant.
"F" is for fish, so fun to play with (and perhaps eat?).
"G" is for grass, kitty grass, that is, a nice appetizer to stimulate a discriminating palate.
"H" is for hairball, which ended up in someone's shoe.
"I" is for ice cream; French vanilla is especially fine, rather like milk.
"J" is for jumping, as in from table to sofa to chair and back again.
"K" is for kibbles, delicious right out of the box.
"L" is for lap, a comfy place to curl up and receive lots of attention.
"M" is for mouse, a fun play-fellow.  Why's he looking so scared?
"N" is for nap, a favorite occupation.
"O" is for open, as in open the patio door so I can go out and survey my kingdom, or back in, or out again, or of course in again so I can munch on some food, then out...
"P" is for paw prints, tracked all over newly cleaned hardwood floors.
"Q" is for a quarter pound's worth of hamburger left unattended on a table.
"R" is for red-breasted robin perched up in a tree.  Will you come down and play with me? 
"S" is for the African Savanna, where our great grey hunter stalks the wildebeest - only in his dreams.
"T" is for tree, a great place to hang out on a warm summer day.
"U" is for under covers, a cozy place to snuggle for a nap.
"V" is for veranda, a cool, shady spot to watch the world go by.
"W" is for window, another great place to get a view of the kingdom.
"X" is for eXtra food - you can never have enough (had to resort to this as there didn't appear to be any words beginning with "X" that our cat-friend approved of.  He has no inclination to play to xylophone or sail on a xebec.).
"Y" is for yarn, an amusing diversion, though maybe not as fun as a mouse (see cat-approved alphabet "M").
"Z" is for the zen of the small grey cat.  He's a master of just "being". 

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