Wednesday, September 29, 2010

back from Greece

The husband and I just returned from an adventure in Greece.  Our small grey cat accompanied us, at least in spirit (our real cat-friend spent the time in a cat spa while we were gone).
3am in Athens.  Getting up to catch the plane home.
obligatory tourist photograph of Santorini (limiting myself to just one)
While in Santorini, we came across the art gallery of Makis Efthymios Warlamis, who had these gorgeous, evocative landscape paintings of Santorini.  I found the website for his architectural/design/art studio (in Austria).  I wish we'd gotten at least a print of one of the paintings, now that we're some 2230 or so miles away.  All I have to show of it is a photograph of the entrance to his art gallery.
  In Athens, amongst the very many other places we visited, we went to the National Art Gallery.  I particularly enjoyed works of the 18th-19th century Greek artists Georgios Iakovidis, Michael Economou, Nikos Lytras, and Konstantinos Maleas.
one of our multitudinous photographs of the omnipresent Acropolis in Athens

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