Thursday, April 11, 2013

preview of my art showing at Koldshoulder

There they are.
I've had the great pleasure of getting to show some of my recent paintings at Sean Kalley's gallery, Koldshoulder, at 1400 NW Marshall Street, Suite 101, here in Portland.

In addition to his website,, Sean also posts updates on his Facebook page.

Sean is representing a number of artists in addition to his own artwork, and I feel so lucky to be a part of his gallery and to be working with him.  Thank you, Sean!

The paintings are up now, with a grand opening of his gallery in the works...

There's also some other upcoming events I plan to be part of thanks to the efforts of Sean, including the North Willamette Vintners Wine Trail Weekend, at Abbey Creek Vineyard, this weekend.

Some of the other artists' works showing at Koldshoulder, Carol Duvernois and Davey Cadaver.



  1. Congratulations, Margaret! Everything looks great in the gallery. Well deserved recognition!