Saturday, January 25, 2014

Milan, Italy - 1

23 January 2014 - Milan, Italy
18" x 24", acrylic on paper
 During our vacation in Turin, Italy this past September, we made a daytrip to Milan.  This is a view in one of Milan's lovely parks.  I'm planning more Milan paintings.  I still haven't finished with Turin views, though (luckily for me; I go through serious painting withdrawal symptoms if I run out of views to paint and have to scrounge about for more subject matter).


Thought I'd include some Milan photographs from our trip: 

Not to state the obvious, but Milan was a gorgeous city.  It was a fun adventure!


  1. How nice you came to Milan! Of course I know all the places you photographed and I even think I recognize the beautiful scene from the park . Parco Venezia , I think. Lovely work, and enjoy your stay !

  2. Thank you, yes, it was Parco Venezia. We walked through it on our way from the train station into central Milan. We had a wonderful time - just too short.