Friday, July 11, 2014

near Avigliana, Italy - 4

10 July 2014 - near Avigliana, Italy
Corel Painter X3
This was an experiment, trying out Corel Painter X3.  I basically tried to use the same stylistic approach and approximately the same colors as when I'm "really" painting.

I thought I'd give virtual art a try because I'm stockpiling way too many paintings.  I'm running out of storage space.  And not painting or slowing down did not seem like viable options.

I can't imagine entirely giving up "real" painting, but I hope this proves to be another outlet for my painting obsession.  It's certainly not the same visceral experience, but it's still a creative process, which is much of the fun of painting.  And right now it's rather a technical challenge, trying to figure out the software.  To be continued...

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