Sunday, February 7, 2016

An Autumn Adventure with Nigel

Official unveiling!  I've completed my story about a little girl and her German shepherd dog, Nigel.

I'm also posting this on my Facebook account.

I will try and make it available in Kindle format on if I can figure out the process, so on the off chance that anyone would like to own it in Kindle format, it can be purchased.  I'll let you know if I manage to "publish" it.

UPDATE (10 February 2016): I've officially "published" it as a Kindle e-book on  The link is :

An Autumn Adventure with Nigel

It's a rather brisk autumn day, perfect for reading a book.

Nigel, though, lets me know it's time for a walk.

Nigel wants to investigate a cat.

The cat wisely decides he'd rather not stay.

Which way today, Nigel, the cemetery or the river?

While in the cemetery, I discover a clue to a mystery (it's not the squirrel).

We follow footprints.

The footsteps just seem to go back to the neighborhood.  What's next?

We head back home to do some research.

We uncover some important information!

Nigel and I set out again.  This time, we see our destination, far off in the distance.

The chase is on!

We arrive!

We do some snooping.

Success!  The treasure is ours (Nigel's, that is).

We see a boy doing some tricks on his skateboard.  He's pretty good.

Oh, no!  Disaster!

The boy saves the day!

Nigel thanks the boy for rescuing his ball.

It's time to head home.  Good-bye!

Now it's time for a nap.  The End.


  1. oh I love the Nigel book! What a great idea. Your paintings are wonderful! congratulations