Friday, May 6, 2016


6 May 2016 - based on view of Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
14" x 18", water miscible oils on unstretched canvas
I gave water miscible oils a try.

It may be the fault of my very limited palette or my limited technique, but I wasn't impressed with the performance of the paints in terms of pigmentation and mixability.  I tried Holbein Duo Aqua Water-Soluble Oils.  Feel free to weigh in on this truly exciting topic :)

I'm not sure if I'll continue to soldier on with these paints or try another medium... or go back to acrylics.  I've also been curious about casein paints, but of course that means doling out more $$$ to indulge, so we'll see.

I was inspired to try a different paint medium after reading an article in Scientific American about how plastic-based art and artifacts in museums are beginning to show deterioration 40-50 years out, including an acrylic Andy Warhol painting.  Not that I am generating museum-quality art :) but I like to think that I can look at my intact paintings forty years from now rather than wade through a pile of plastic dust.

I also started ruminating over the environmental impact of adding acrylic paint debris into the ecosystem every time I paint.

This riveting drama is to be continued... till the next exciting installment...


  1. Hi Margaret,
    Wow, I love this painting! I think you may be onto something with this new medium. I have certainly read what you posted about your misgivings with the results of your venturing into this new realm, however I think the effect in this painting is beautiful. I too have read about what is happening to acrylic paintings and have a lot to think about with my future creations. At present, I have several things in process that are acrylic, so I will probably complete them as such. Much to consider about the future, however.
    I enjoy and visit your blog often-sorry I don't always take the time to comment.

    1. Thanks very much for your feedback, Steven! :)