Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my artwork at Vivace

I'm very excited to announce that some of my recent paintings are now showing at Vivace here in Portland!  They'll be there until the first week of April (2 April 2011 update - show extended to end of May). I just hung them up this afternoon.  Vivace is a wonderfully atmospheric coffee house and creperie, located in a Victorian house in the Nob Hill neighborhood (on the corner of  NW 23rd and NW Pettygrove).  They serve truly yummy crepes and a fine cuppa coffee.

I'm showing both paintings I've already posted on this blog as well as some other ones, like this one below.   I'm posting all of them on a separate "page", "Travel Log" at Vivace.
22 January 2011
14" x 20", acrylic on paper


  1. oh, I know that place! I have only driven past it--now I have a real excuse to go inside. Congratulations! I am sure your paintings brightens the atmosphere !