Tuesday, February 7, 2012

heading out to sea - Palma de Mallorca

10 January 2012
8" x 10", acrylic on paper
I painted this one for a friend as a gift.


  1. very well achieved the light of Mallorca : )

  2. Given the blurriness of this photograph and the subject matter of the painting, I'm starting to wonder if you painted blurry, or you had hand shake when taking the photograph? This seascape strikes me as one that should have some crispness to the sail boat and the shore in the foreground. The water and the sky are great--as is the color.

  3. The photo reference and the scan of the painting were all in focus. The blurriness is all on me... my paint strokes tend to be loose (or sloppy would be another way to put it). Thanks for the feedback from both of you :-)!

  4. You captured the "speed" of sailing. I bet the recipient loves this